We have a winner!

Many years ago when my husband was in Bible College in Lakeland, Florida, we decided to venture out to the Strawberry Festival in the neighboring town.  This was a real splurge on our limited college income.   

 Upon arriving at the festival the entrance was lined with carnival-style games.  We stopped to watch the one where you throw a ping pong ball, and if it lands in any of the small fish bowls you win a goldfish.  

My husband, Bob, insisted I try.  

I am the worst at games of chance.  I rarely—but usually never—win anything.  However, this time on my first throw the carnival guy yelled, “We have a winner!” 

I won the goldfish.  A motherly instinct immediately rose up within me, and that fish was in for all the love I could gush on it. 

This is not the actual goldfish.
But did I really win?  

First, I had to carry the fish around with me all day.  I worried about the heat, and if it was okay in that plastic bag.  Then we stopped on the way home to buy my goldfish a lovely home.   We spent at least $20 to buy the little guy an aquarium, ocean blue gravel for the bottom of the tank, a filter, fish food and of course a little plastic bridge and green plastic plants.   It was perfect.

When we arrived home, I immediately filled the aquarium with tap water and lowered the baggie into the tank to assimilate the little guy.    I was so excited to release him and watch my goldfish swim.  In my limited fish knowledge, I didn’t take into account that fish don’t like chemicals in their water…so when I set the poor guy free to swim I watched him rapidly darting from side to side and then he died an agonizing death.  Flush--he was gone.  It was heartbreaking to watch, and there sat the empty aquarium--mocking me!

Sometimes in our walk with the Lord, Satan makes something look so good that we think we’ve won…but we haven’t.  The enemy of our soul roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.   He is the deceiver and accuser of the brethren.  God tells us to beware, be alert, don’t give way to his tricks and don’t be deceived.  

We must be wise in this world.  The enemy's plan and purpose is to deceive us and leave us destroyed emotionally and physically.  DON"T TAKE THE GOLDFISH!  Just walk away.

When God looks at you He says, "We have a winner!”  His plan for you is so much better.  He’s not trying to rob or deceive.  In fact--He wants to restore what Satan has taken from you. 


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