The Safest Place on Earth

Baby Abi in Grandma's arms.
 When my children were young, I can recall hearing them cry in the night.  I'd bolt out of bed and rush to the side of the one who was sick or frighten.  Instinctively I'd try to bring comfort by placing a cool hand on a fevered brow or rub a sore belly.  I would hold my child close until the emergency had passed and peaceful sleep returned. 
Other nights I remember waking to the touch of a little hand on my arm.  Then I'd feel a tug on the blankets signifying the need to crawl into bed with mommy and daddy—to a child this is the safest place on earth.

I remember two occasions in my adult life when I was that scared and hurting child, desperately in need of my Heavenly Father.

February 1975, when I was eighteen years old--my mother suddenly died. My dearest friend was gone.  Never had I felt such loneliness.  That night I cried.  I cried out in pain to my Heavenly Father and he came to me in my sorrow.  That night it was his hand on my brow, his pat on my back, his words of compassion and understanding that soothed my pain.  He came to me when my life was filled with grief and gave me the truest comfort.

September 2002, my heart was heavy to the point of breaking when I received the news that our twenty year old son was using drugs.  In the depth of that great sadness I ran to my Heavenly Father, crawled into His lap and He wrapped me up in His arms,  (the safest place on earth for an adult too) and there I found rest.  

 “As for me, I will call out to God,
and the Lord will deliver me.
During the evening, morning, and noontime
I will lament and moan, and he will hear me.
He will rescue me and protect me…’ 
Psalm 55:16-19 NET

Whatever you are facing this week—He’s there.  Whether he comes to you or you run to him—He hears your cry.  He knows your pain and His arms are the safest place on earth.    


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