Things Aren’t Always As They Appear.

I’m a pretty tough gal—at least that’s what I what to project.  I’m a bit crusty on the outside but have a tender heart.  One thing that always hurts me deeply is when my good intentions are misinterpreted.  My heart is right.  I’m trying to be helpful and bam—I’m judged wrongly.  Ouch!  That's painful! 

I know I’m not alone.  I doubt there is a person alive today that hasn’t at one time or another had their actions misinterpret.  Or possibly YOU have judged another wrongly.  (Not me of course—just trying to help YOU be a better person! )

Here are a few things from the Bible that were not what they seemed:

  • Isaac thought Jacob was Esau and gave him the blessing…but he wasn’t.
  • The Children of Israel thought the Red Sea was impassable…but it wasn’t.
  • Ananias and Sapphira thought they could lie to the Holy Spirit…but they couldn’t
  • David’s brother’s thought he was too weak and small to fight Goliath…but he fought and won!
  •  Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and thought they were rid of him forever…but they weren’t.
  • When Jesus was crucified everyone thought it was over…but it wasn’t.
  • When Mary went to the tomb of Jesus she expected to find him there…but he was risen…just as he said.

Sometimes you may feel your actions are judged or misinterpreted…but God can take what was meant for evil and turn it to good.   

Have you bought into that age old lie that your sin is too great—even unforgiveable?  

Don't believe it!  Cause we know—things are not always as they appear! 


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