Why is it—when someone wants your attention—they think you should drop everything you’re doing and run to them?  Spouse, children, grand-kids, they all stand their ground and yell for you to come. 

It doesn’t matter if you're busy with something important or unimportant.  Or maybe you don’t want to scream back at the top of your lungs.  "WHAT!"   

Whatever the case—it’s you who should stop what you're doing and run.  Okay-I may be venting a bit, but we’ve all been there.  

Okay, now how can God use this to speak truth to my heart?  

I guess I should be extremely thankful that HE isn’t like me.   He listens for my voice.  He's never too busy for me.  He doesn't answer me in anger.   

The Bible tells us that as we draw near to him—he will draw near to us.  Best part of all He wants us to call out to Him. 

The Bible uses these words: “Call on me...”

  • when you’re in trouble.
  • when you’re downhearted.
  • when your enemies are in hot pursuit.
  • when you’re burdened.
  • when you're sick.
  • when you're lost, alone, confused...

I think you get the picture.  His ear is never closed to us, and he's never far away.  

Next time you call to your loved one and they don’t answer as quickly as you think they should remember this; God is never too busy for you.   

In fact, when we call out to him something amazing happens.  We are transported from our earthly problems to a heavenly throne room.  How does this happen?  Only one way—by the mention of a name that is above every other name—Jesus. 

When (put your name here) calls out to me, I will answer... Psalm 91:15 NET


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