Friends Keep Each Other Sharp

I want to start this out by saying, "Ooooouch!"

At times in my life, the Lord has brought people into my circle to sand off some of my rough edges, which by the way isn’t a fun process.    Usually during this sharpening procedure I don’t always appreciate what my friends may say.  But in my heart I know they are spot on!

Bob does the knife sharpening in our family.  When I watch him sharpen our knives there is nothing gentle or kind about the method.  He holds the dull blade between two fast moving girt stone.  (It’s an electric knife sharpener thingy.)  A grinding sound is heard as the dull blade is sharpened.  This process of resistance is the only way that I know to restore a knife to it's full potential. 
Which brings me to my point, when a friend causes friction in your life—it may not be a bad thing.  Because friends keep each other sharp.  

Sometimes, I've been smart enough to connect the dots by watching my friends live out their lives and glean from them.  BUT, usually the best lessons I've learned have been the ones of a confrontational nature.  OUCH! 

Proverbs 27:17 (ERV) As one piece of iron sharpens another, so friends keep each other sharp. 

The truest picture of this verse is the kind of friendship where both learn from each other and help each other grow deeper in the things of the Lord. 

This week, don’t resist when your friend speaks words of correction into your life, but remember—Friends keep each other sharp!


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