Make your Deposit—NOW

One more day and 2015 will be history.  That means it's resolution time!  Now, what shall I endeavor to accomplish, change, improve, or remove from my life in 2016?  

My husband, who is a pastor, is forever challenging people to memorize scripture.  When he was a youth pastor (about 100 years ago) he did this activity with the students.  He put them in small groups and told them they were going to outer space. (Yes, that's the kind of stuff youth pastor's did in the 1970's.)  He instructed the teams to choose a leader and each team member was allowed to bring one item on the trip to ensure their survival.  He gave the teams a few minutes to strategize.  Then he went around the room and had each group share what they were bringing.  Usually, at least one group would remember their spiritual wellbeing and include a Bible.   

Following that part of the activity, he then told everyone that their Bibles were confiscated.  Then he give them 15 minutes to work together as a team to write down every scripture they knew from memory.  What each team complied together would be the only Bible they would have.  

Of course, the game was meant to show the importance of memorizing God’s Word.  At the end of this group activity it was obvious how little Christians in general heed Psalm 119:11 (TLB) I’ve banked your promises in the vault of my heart so I won’t sin myself bankrupt.

When making your resolutions for 2016, consider the challenge to bank God's Word in the vault of your heart.

Funny thing about bank accounts—we can only withdraw what we put in.  If you want to make withdrawals of God’s word you will need to value it enough to make your deposit—NOW.


  1. So true, scripture is hard to memorize but so important. Working on this for the new year! Thanks for posting, so encouraging!

    1. Thank-you for reading my post. You'll never regret making your deposits now.

  2. Great illustration to encourage bible memorization.

  3. Hi Christle, Thanks for commenting and reading my posts. I'm enjoying this process.


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