"It’s Com’n Back"

I finished my leaf raking about a week ago.  Well, actually it’s not finished, but I’m done.  The next day I looked out the window at the nearly leafless backyard and a sigh of satisfaction escaped my lips.  That feeling was relatively short lived when reality set in—it’s all com’n back. But first spring will come and along with that my other yard enemy—weeds in the flowerbed.  How I detest them!  I’m ashamed to admit some weeds have actually grown up to 3 feet tall.  I was under the allusion that they were blending in—almost unnoticeable. 

For years, I weeded the garden pulling up the weeds the best I could and if the root would snap off so be it.  The ugly part was gone and everything was lookn’ good.  The weeds were out of sight, mulch down and the perennials were coming up.   I figured, why deal with what was beneath the soil.  Right!   (I apply this principle to house cleaning as well; don’t look in the drawers, closets, or under the beds.)

The truth is I’ve been working on these flowerbeds for years fighting the same weeds.  A few years ago I decided to be proactive.  So I got a bottle of weed killer.  I was ready.  This time when the weeds would snap off leaving the root in the soil I sprayed the root with the killer chemical.  My brilliant discovery—if you don’t deal with the root…it’s com’n back. 

You may be thinking, “Anyone can point out the problem.  How about some of that chemical killer you were talking about.”  Just so happens…I got it.  It’s forgiveness.  Colossians 3:13 tells us to, “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you have a grievance against someone.  Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”  

Apply forgiveness to that root of bitterness and it will go away for good.  If you don’t—It’s Coming Back!   You have a Savior who has forgiven you.  Now, you forgive and be whole.   

"It’s Com’n Back"
By Beverly Roberts


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