About Beverly

Since 1977, Beverly has served in full-time ministry alongside her husband Bob Roberts.  They served as youth pastors, senior pastors, missionaries, and directors of Asia's Little Ones a holistic ministry to the children of Asia Pacific through the Assemblies of God.

Beverly served in the ministry as well as being an at-home wife and mother to her three children.  She loves her family and has no regrets about using her energy to train and serve them. The Roberts have three adult children and ten grandchildren.

Bob and Beverly Roberts were senior pastors of New Life Christian Fellowship in Grand Blanc, Michigan for twenty years.  In 2020, Bob became Associate Pastor in preparation for his retirement in 2022.

From Beverly:  I began writing Christian Fiction in 2015 and have completed a three-book series called Hillbrooke.  Book One: Hillbroooke New Beginnings, Book Two: Hillbrooke The Healer, and Book Three: Hillbrooke God's Rewrite.

Hillbrooke is a fictional city in Michigan. The books focus on a church called Community Outreach, the pastoral family, along with other people in the community of Hillbrooke. The families in The Hillbrooke Series face relevant issues that are found in the church today; the challenge to live a godly life, grow deeper in spiritual relationship with the Lord, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, infertility, abortion, foster care, and adoption.

My current book, The Journals of Tori Drake is about the pitfalls and hardships of blended families.  The writing of this book was a two-year process.  It proved to be more of a challenge to write than I first anticipated.  Being part of a blended family since 1976 has given me many personal insights, but keeping my personal feelings off the pages of this story was a struggle.  Check out this new book on Amazon.  It was released in June 2021.  

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Book Release

    The Journals of Tori Drake Click on the book cover to order on Amazon. Book Review: I consumed this book in three days. Although it was ...